Shedra in Dharma City in 2010 under the guidance of Patrul Rinpoche

August 20 - September 05

A shedra - meaning 'college' in Tibetan - is the name given to the college connected to monastic settlements in Tibet, a place in which monks and nuns study traditional Buddhist texts.

It is the same in-depth studies, together with his blessings and guidance, which Patrul Rinpoche offers this summer in Belgium to those who wish to deepen their comprehension of the Dharma path, be they beginners or experienced practitioners.

Within the frame of the Zangdok Palri Institute Shedra Courses, Rinpoche will teach on "The Root Stanzas on the Middle Way" ("Mulamadhyamaka-karika", "Uma Tsawa Sherab") by Nagarjuna, the key text of the Madhyamaka school of Buddhism and certainly the most famous work of Nagarjuna, the great Indian philosopher and master of the 2nd century AD. Written in twenty-seven chapters, in a concise style and with rigorous logic, this text questions all our certainties about phenomenal reality and introduces us masterfully to the concept of interdependent production which is the essence of the Middle Way.

Participation in this course is mandatory for those students already engaged in the Six-Year Dzogchen Practitioner's Course and who will not participate in the Shedra Course in Dzogchen.
But the course is also open for new students; moreover it is the beginning of a new Six-Year Dzogchen Practitioner's Course, and we would like to encourage students to seize this rare opportunity to enter the Shedra Course, an extraordinary way to receive profound teachings and to practice them under the guidance of an extraordinary teacher.

Enrolment for this course has started; all information can be found on:

With our best wishes,

The ZPI Coordination Team