Dharma City was found early January 2007, just after the winter retreat. Rinpoche and some of his students were since a long time looking for a place to host, among others, international retreats and offices. The building was effectively acquired end of April 2007. At that time, no event could really take place, since it was an old place, sometimes in ruins. It was therefore critical to perform some renovation work as fast and as best as possible. Here are some of the pictures taken early June 2007 that give a good insight of how the site was - unusable:

Barn-inside-June-2007 Entrance-June-2007  

 Front-June-2007 Offices-Front-Wing-June-2007 Resto-kitchen-June-2007

Within two months, most of the fundamental renovations were done, and the Shedra 2007 took place as scheduled. Some additional work was done in autumn and in winter, like the creation of the temple's windows.
The architect at that time produced some basic drawings to submit to the regional government of Namur. They were rejected. For some reasons, it was decided that the architect would no more work on the project, and around May 2008, the mission to draw the future Dharma City was given to another architect.