Accommodation in and around Dharma City



Participants can also book a bed in a dormitory. Each room can accommodate up to 10 people, so 20 people in total. Men and women will be in separate dorms. A mattress for each person will be provided in the dormitory rooms. Participants must bring their own sleeping bag. We can provide some lights blankets, pillows and bed sheets in the dorms, but it is not warm enough given that the weather may be very cold in Florennes (even in the summer).

Fees for on-site accommodation.

For long courses, the first night is the night before the course starts. The last night is the last day of the course. 
The price depends on the length of the course. See the enrolment form.




Hotels in the neighbourhood

Hotel: La Cote d'Or

Price: Single: 48 to 72 euros.
Double: 55 to 80 euros.
Rue de la Gendarmerie 1
5600 Philippeville
Tel: +32.71.66 81 45
Fax: +32.71.66 67 97
Distance: 9,81 km, 10 min drive

Hotel: Hostellerie de Abbaye

Price: between 38 and 62 euros.
Place de Brogne 3
Tél. : +32.71.79 70 75
Fax : +32.71.71 79 70 79
Distance: 14,80 km, 13 min drive

Guesthouses and gîtes

Gîte: La Maison d'L
Hameau de Maurenne 34
5540 Hastière Lavaux
Téléphone: +32 (0)497 45 37 08 ou +32 (0)71 32 14 19 
Par courriel: ou

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