Sponsor one (or more) of the 108 Stupas around the Zangdok Palri Institute

_MG_7321 copyStupa-1Stupa-5The Zangdok Palri Insitute in Tibet is one of the central projects in Patrul Rinpoche's activity. It is also one of the major monuments in the Dzogchen valley. It is the pure land of Guru Rinpoche. Although the temple itself has been build with great care, the stupas above the surrounding wall have been build at low cost before the inauguration of the institute in July 2010. All 108 stupas are still there but they sure will need to be replaced in a not so distant future. They will be replaced by strong, stone stupas, all carved by the same craftsman. There will be 12 groups of 8 different stupas, plus another 12 stupas. The 8 stupas are related to major events in Buddha Shakyamuni's life.

Patrul Rinpoche wishes to make this project a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for all his students and Stupa-4Stupa-3their families, and anyone else who wishes to, to accumulate tremendous merit. Building a stupa indeed is extremely beneficial for future rebirths as it leaves very positive karmic imprints in mind. There are worldly benefits such as being reborn in a rich family, with a beautiful body and a nice voice, being attractive, bringing joy to others and having a long and happy life. From a spiritual point of view, one will attain enlightenment.

Every stupa is estimated at 2500€. The sponsor will have the possibility to carve the name of his choice on the stupa's base. This could be his or her own name, the name of his or her family or any other name he or she wishes to dedicate the stupa to.
If you wish to take part in this project, please let us know via email.
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